Sunday, 25 October 2009

Basic Skills - Introduction

In support of the projects, I will be releasing some skill-related posts. These articles give the reader an introduction to each skill, and will also give links out to any resources the author finds during his research. The content is based on the author's own experience and learning, but there's a lot more to know.

The set begins as it should, with words of caution. Electronics assembly and experimentation is potentially hazardous, and the reader must make him / herself aware of these hazards. This first 'Health and Safety' post is by no means definitive. Safety information will be given occasionally as the topical need arises in future posts.

Take note that the author is not a Health and Safety professional, and whilst the advice given in this blog is given in good faith, the reader assumes all responsibility for his / her own safety. If in any doubt, take professional advice before undertaking any potentially hazardous operation.

List of forthcoming posts:
001 Health and Safety. Safety first, and always.
002 Hand tools. Outline of basic radio-construction hand tools. Other tools will be introduced and discussed topically, later in the series.
003 Basic fitting skills 01 - Hacksawing, filing, finishing. How to cut metal.
004 Basic fitting skills 02 - Drilling. How to make holes.
005 Basic fitting skills 03 - Tapping and threadcutting. How to make threads.
006 Electronic skills 01 - Cable preparation. How to strip cables and wires.
007 Electronic skills 02 - Soldered joints. How to make a joint, and solder it.
008 Electronic skills 03 - Wirewrapping. How to make joints without solder.
009 Electronic skills 04 - PCB making. How to make your own printed circuit boards.
010 Electronic skills 05 - PCB assembly. How to fit devices to a PCB.
011 Electronic skills 06 - Elementary panel wiring. How to wire-up electronic equipment.
012 Electronic skills 07 - Advanced panel wiring. Advanced techniques, including lacing.
013 Electronic skills 08 - Prototyping with stripboard. How to make projects using stripboard.
014 Electronic skills 09 - RF prototyping with copperclad. How to 'skywire' circuitry.
015 Electronic skills 10 - Basic circuit testing. How to make sure your project works.
016 Electronic skills 11 - Audio frequency testing. How to check for sound quality.
017 Electronic skills 12 - Radio frequency testing. How to check that new radio.
018 Light fabrication 01 - Sheet work. How to cut and fold cabinets.
019 Light fabrication 02 - Soldering. How to join sheet materials with solder.

There is no timeline here because these 'skills' posts will be interspersed with the regular Project posts. When a significant number are published, I'll add a sidebar navigation to allow easy access to both the skills and the projects.

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