Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Getting Ready for Business at g1inf4u

The pace is hotting-up. I now have most of the Internet elements of g1inf4u in place, and now the real work starts. I have an outline design for an 80m cw transceiver, to be made available in modules. Each module kit comprises a bag of devices, a piece of copper-clad board and instructions. I may change my mind and put the whole thing on one lump of FR4, or even make two versions (modular and integrated) available. Nothing is ruled out, or in. I've also identified a suitable enclosure. It's lightweight plastic with an aluminium panel; keeping the weight down will appeal to those who like their radio al fresco.

Several times a day I identify yet another part of the new business which needs to be written down, constructed or discussed with friends, family and others. It's been some years since I kept bought and sales ledgers, did stock control, drawing control, purchasing, marketing, sales, phone support, banking, shipping, et al. It may be some days / weeks before the first orders are shipped. As soon as the prototypes of the 80m radio are stable, I'll let my youngest son Bill M6BMO try making one, and then go live with the product. Why am I being so open and candid about the development of my new business? I believe the ethics of Web 2.0 demand it. There are a lot of spammers and would-be 'entrepreneurs' in the world of blogs and social media, and I don't want any of it. They have their karma, I'll make my own.

One large task I need to undertake is to round-up and organise all such personal electronic stock which will be useful to g1inf4u, taking care over traceability, identity and condition. It'll be segregated, put under stock control and I'll take advice on how best to transfer its title.

So far, I've encountered nothing which cannot be solved, sorted or obtained; but like everything in life, this is subject to change. Wish me luck!

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