Sunday, 16 November 2008

I'm getting restless.
The station is essentially dormant; stored in the garage in boxes. However, I'm missing it already...

Today, I hooked-up my Poundshop radio (a 40m DC receiver made from a £1 scanning fm toy radio) to a simple and magical piece of software; SAQrx. This tiny Windows application (it runs under Wine on my Acer Aspire One) turns the Poundshop into a very useful CW receiver. I set the radio up on 7MHz (the band edge), and use the DSP filter in SAQrx to probe around the band. I can watch the whole 22KHz going into the PC on a real-time FFT display, and slide the filter onto any juicy-looking carrier. I would now like to make a dedicated receiver, using a 7MHz crystal for stability and USB power for convenience.