Saturday, 10 May 2008

All quiet on the laptop line
I finished the laptop supply, and it does what I expected. I expected it to run hot, but give no interference. I put the LM317T regulator device on the front so I could directly monitor its temperature with my fingers; this would not do for a production equipment, but I'm not in a production environment. I can also easily monitor to output voltage (in spite of my trust of these legendary devices), by measuring at the case and the TO220 tab.

It gets stinking hot when the PC's battery is charging, so I make a point of not using battery power now. This supply will be useful beyond the lifetime of the PC, because with the internal trimpot I can set the voltage to anything from 1.25V to 30V, and supply up to 1.5A.

Ho-hum, telegraphy practice now. dit dit.

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